Access all social media sites with a VPN

VPN Proxy Master offers more than 6000 VPN servers in over 50 countries. With VPN Proxy Master, you can hide and change your IP address to get access to all social media sites such as Facebook, TikTok, Tinder, and more.

Whether at school, work, or public Wi-Fi, VPN Proxy Master allows you to access all social media sites with just one click effortlessly.

Enjoy stable internet speed with security

VPN Proxy Master is known for its strong digital protection and fast internet connection. With exclusive VPN features such as an ISP throttling detector and private DNS, VPN Proxy Master is aimed to eliminate all factors that might deteriorate your internet speed and ensure your streaming experience is as stable and secure as possible.

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Access all social media with a VPN

Protect your cybersecurity up to 6 devices simultaneously.

  • Access Facebook with a VPN
  • Use TikTok with a VPN
  • Access Instagram using a VPN
  • Download Tinder from anywhere
  • Access Twitter from anywhere

Get VPN Proxy Master for social media

VPN Proxy Master offers servers from over 50 countries. You can access all social media sites in a few steps.


Get VPN for All Your Devices

Protect your cybersecurity with up to 6 parallel device connections

VPN Proxy Master is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, TVs, Game Consoles, and more. You can even use VPN Proxy Master on your phone, computer, tablet, laptop, TV set, and Game Consoles simultaneously.

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